Create and Import Catalogues A20-AN00
Estimated Length: 25 minute(s)
  • Overview
  • Resources
Create a Catalogue Item E1019-AN00 topics covered: 
  • Create a catalogue item
  • Add item details and pricing
  • Associate suppliers
  • Link catalogue items.


Import Catalogue-Generic R0020-AN00 topics covered:
  • Import a generic catalogue
  • Import settings
  • Match import columns
  • Import summary
Visit the following materials in [Getting started]
Catalogue Overview E0039-AN00 topics covered: 
  • simPRO catalogue
  • simPRO catalogue structures
  • Importing catalogues
  • Manual catalogue entry
Create a Catalogue Item E1019-AN00
Content Types:
This material will help you understand how to create a catalogue item, add prices, suppliers and link catalogue items together.
Import Catalogue-Generic R0020-AN00
Content Types:
This material demonstrates how to import a generic price file into the simPRO Catalogue.