Accounting Integration - Overview A03-00K0
Estimated Length: 40 minute(s)
  • Overview
  • Resources
Tax in simPRO E0022-00K0 topics covered: 
  • Tax overview
  • Create and manage tax codes
  • Apply tax codes to override default settings
  • Review and display tax for quotes, jobs.
Chart of Accounts and simPRO Financials E0021-AN00 topics covered:
  • Chart of Accounts overview
  • Financial reporting
  • simPRO financial defaults
  • Cost centres
  • Payment methods
Setup Payment Methods V0151-AN00 topics covered:
  • Set up payment methods
  • Set up simPRO Payments credit card types


Visit the following materials in [Getting started]
Accounting Integration Overview E0006-00K0 topics covered:
  • Accounting Integration in simPRO
  • Accounting software packages
  • Import and export of data
Overhead and Employment Costs E0008-00K0 topics covered:
  • Overheads in simPRO
  • Gross & Nett profit system
  • Overhead calculator
Cost Centre Setup E0007-00K0 topics covered: 
  • What are cost centres
  • Cost centres in simPRO
  • Mapping cost centres
Tax in simPRO E0022-00K0
Content Types:
This material covers how to create, manage and apply tax codes in simPRO.
Setup Payment Methods V0151-AN00
Content Types:
Learn how to set up payment methods in simPRO so that you can receipt customer payments more efficiently.
Chart of Accounts and simPRO Financials E0021-AN00
Content Types:
This material covers simPRO's financial defaults, financial reporting and an overview of your chart of accounts.